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PlanetstarPharmaglobal(OPC) Pvt.Ltd., is an optimistic player in the pharma industry, having vision to create the international pharmaceutical company that would address complete pharma needs.

We are dynamic and upcoming pharmaceutical company aspiring to evolve into a fully integrated healthcare group, making our presence all over country as well as various markets across globe. We devote ourselves in the marketing of pharmaceutical products.

Our quest of innovative and quality healthcare within the affordable limits is a testimony to our respect for certain principles and our priority granted to quality of life of people, helping them enjoy a longer, healthier and productive life.

We are constantly exploring the potential of domestic and international markets with excellent strategies enabling us to penetrate in all areas with a range Pharmaceutical product. We are capable to define what a global market need.

We focus on the need of our customer and thrive to give the best possible customized solution at best possible cost. Our belief in long term business relationship enable us to sustain our customers through quality services in stipulated time frame.

We introduce new molecules on day to day basis as per requirement of health sector

Our Philosophy

We encourage inventiveness, imagination, improvisation and team work. We believe that there are no limits to what we can accomplish as a team and are always willing to explore new products market and territories. We believe that the strength of our company is the pride and commitment of our people.

  • Honesty & integrity
  • Customer service with commitment
  • Quality products at affordable prices.
  • Innovation
  • Transparency

Mission & Vision

Establishment of a corporate brand through the creation of original customer value. To introduce more and more of scientifically based molecules and to provide best possible services. Develop market worldwide with an in depth and long-term approach, maintaining the highest ethical standards at each step. Collaborate to form new associateships with key technology developers based on the talents of each other in order to build a mutually beneficially growth relationships. As we look to the future , our goal is to increase our leadership position in the growing field of pharmaceuticals while continuing to bring next generation products and technologies to the market.

  • Synergistic effect of quality of products.
  • No quality complaint
  • Care for customers satisfaction
  • On going commitments to human health motivated team efforts.
  • Commitment of success through quality products.

Marketing strength

Headed and represented by a team of skilled marketing experts. Our quest is to establish a strong marketing network of relatively large, dedicated & aggressive professional force, enabling extensive network with our customers. International exports have been our consistent passion. Frontiers have never been a limitation to our vision & we are constantly exploring the potential of international markets with dynamic & aggressive marketing strategies enabling us to penetrate areas far and near.

By pricing our products quite competitively and simultaneously ensuring that the chain leading down to the actual customers of these products, are provided with state-of-the-art quality products at extremely reasonable rates.In our own modest way, we believe in providing quality healthcare within the most affordable limits. But above all our prime corporate strength lies in our inherent respect for certain principles, the priority granted to the quality of human relations with in the group and in the frame of relation with customers and business alliances.

Quality control

Quality is never an accident it is the results of intelligent effort. We are committed to delivering high quality products and services.

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